Why GAPO has been ranked as the No.1 in Air Compression Massager in Korea? Because of 

#1. Incomparable Quality 
#2. Excellent Cost-Efficient Devices
#3. Reasonable price 

Who is GAPO? 

Air Compression Massager represents of Korea; GAPO

Specialist for manufacturing and selling healthcare products at the same time and became #1 brand for TV Home shopping channels 4 consecutive years. Why? Because GAPO has Outstanding quality, Excellent cost of ownership, and Reasonable price.


GAPO operates a domestic factory in order to establish outstanding quality, operates customer representative center to respond 100% of any kinds of claims and operates R&D center to develop and design products with every effort to lower prices. 

Now GAPO has become one of the top brands for major home shopping channels for 4 consecutive years (CJ, Lotte, Woori, etc.) without a grand advertisement and without having a famous star to promote GAPO. 

GAPO is now spreading our wings to become No.1 in worldwide.