Why GAPO has been ranked as the No.1 in

Air Compression Massager in Korea? Because of 

#1. Incomparable Quality 
#2. Excellent Cost-Efficient Devices
#3. Reasonable price 

Vision & Value 

  • Open Management 

    Creating a new future that enriches the lives of our customers

  • Value Management 

    Customer happiness and impression are top priority

  • Talent Management 

    Strengthening the capacity of individuals in organization and efficiency of human resources

The core value of GAPO

Gapo will

  • be the outstanding company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of health care production 

  • achieve constant innovation of healthcare products

  • strengthen our respect for humanity and customers’ continued health and happiness

  • be a creative future-oriented corporation

  • values product quality as our top priority and reflects results in product.

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